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Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. If you call our phone number (847-329-0990), you will be linked directly to the voicemail for the individual you are looking for. You can also e-mail the appropriate person below regarding a specific service

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Service Contact
Rabbi Rabbi Gershon Schaffel
President Rabbi Sandford Abramowitz
Kiddush or Shalosh Seudas sponsorship David Silverman
Children's Programs Batyah Cohen
Bar or Bat Mitzvah Calendar Submission Debbie Burg
Aliyah on Shabbat Dennis Burg
Membership Dues Steven Krinsky
Donations to shul library Judy Zagorin
Chesed requests Jocelyn Schultz
Newsletter Submissions Esther Goldfarb
Shul Reservations or Information Ellen Cohen
Webmaster Debbie Burg
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